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Bosch & Ajax home security Alarms

Alarm Systems Brisbane

    Alarm Systems Brisbane

    Guarded Security Systems supply and install quality intruder alarm systems throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas.

    Gain peace of mind knowing that our intruder detection products feature the latest technology, proven to be reliable, affordable and easy to use.

    Contact us today today to book a free onsite assessment. We will scale an installed solution to fit within your budget and meet or exceed your home or business security needs.

    For Your Home

    Home Security Alarm Installation

    We will customise the right security solution to suit your home and your needs. House alarm systems are available in both hardwired and wireless configurations. A combination of both is available where cabled intruder detection sensors or security cameras may not be practical. We will design a scaled system to minimise equipment and labour cost outlay.

    An innovative range of intruder alarm sensors and pet friendly detectors allow for your pets to move about freely inside the home whilst the system is armed. External motion detectors and perimeter alarms, can deter intruders and alert you to their presence.

    All house alarm products installed by Guarded Security Systems include panic buttons and silent duress alarm features. This enables you to activate an alarm at any time during a home invasion or unexpected emergency. All that’s required is a simple press of a button.

    Easily access your system controls from wherever you are with the included mobile app. Receive instant push notifications of events. Issue commands to arm and disarm, alert family or friends and notify authorities.

    Ask us to demonstrate our smartphone app’s numerous personal safety and alarm control features, including every alarm and video camera surveillance system.


    Business Alarm Systems

    Our business security systems incorporate access control and advanced features. The Bosch Solution series is one of today’s most popular and affordable alarm and access control options.

    We will supply and install an alarm or access control system that is proven reliable and simple to operate. The Bosch Solution 2000, 3000 or 6000 series can be integrated into the MyAlarm iFob Control smartphone app for remote operation.

    We stock the full range of Bosch detectors including pet or guard dog friendly motion sensors, break glass alarms, smoke detectors and photoelectric beams.

    Our full 3-year parts and labour warranty means you can be confident your system will operate reliably for years to come.

    Fully Wired Alarms

    A wired alarm system installed in your property will provide the ultimate early warning defence against intruders. Wired systems are generally more reliable than wireless as they are hardwired and transmitted through wiring, not over frequencies or networks. Wired alarms don’t rely on batteries for their primary power source, so there’s no need to regularly check or replace batteries.

    There is also less chance of signal interference or dropouts with a wired alarm, and they are typically harder for intruders to tamper with onsite and extremely difficult to hack from online. Overall, the detection capabilities of wired alarms are far superior when it comes to intruder detection and provide a better detector range.

    Reliable, Proven Technology

    There are numerous brands of alarm systems, video cameras, access control and theft prevention products available in Brisbane today. We supply and install only the highest quality components that are both reputable by brand, and have a proven track record of reliability. We stand behind the products we sell and guarantee your continued satisfaction with every installed anti-theft, loss prevention or personal protection investment.

    Why Use Guarded Security?

    We are often contacted by customers who have purchased a DIY or relatively unknown burglar alarm system, either online or from a retail outlet, only to find that it becomes unreliable, issues false alarms, is difficult to use or in some way, does not meet their expectations. If you are serious about protecting your family, home or business, Guarded Security will provide a solution that is guaranteed. In addition you will receive full training, 3 year manufacturers warranty and ongoing product support.

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