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Ajax Alarm Systems

Guarded Security offer expert advice and will tailor a home security camera surveillance, intruder detection and alarm monitoring solution specific to your requirements.

AJAX Systems is a company that specializes in developing wireless security systems, and they are known for their AJAX alarm system.

Here are some key features and aspects associated with AJAX alarm systems:

Wireless Technology: AJAX alarm systems are designed to be completely wireless. This makes installation easier and reduces the need for extensive wiring throughout a property.

Components: The system typically includes various components such as motion detectors, door/window sensors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, and more. These devices communicate with the central hub wirelessly.

Hub: The central hub is a crucial component of the AJAX alarm system. It serves as the main control unit, collecting information from all the connected devices and triggering alarms or notifications when necessary.

Mobile App Integration: AJAX alarm systems often come with a dedicated mobile app that allows users to monitor and control their security system remotely. This includes receiving notifications, arming or disarming the system, and checking the status of sensors.

Security Alerts: In case of a security breach or other emergencies, the system can send instant alerts to the user’s smartphone or a monitoring center, depending on the chosen monitoring plan.

Tamper Detection: The devices within the AJAX system often have tamper detection features to alert the user if someone tries to interfere with or disable a sensor.

Integration with Smart Home Devices: Some AJAX systems may offer integration with other smart home devices or platforms, allowing users to create a more comprehensive and connected home security system.

User-Friendly Installation: AJAX systems are known for their user-friendly installation process. The absence of complex wiring makes it suitable for both professional installers and tech-savvy homeowners.

Visit the official AJAX Systems website for more information. Guarded Security Systems is an  Authorised Ajax Installer.

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