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Guarded Security offer expert advice and will tailor a home security camera surveillance, intruder detection and alarm monitoring solution specific to your requirements.

Guarded Security offers a range of home security products and services, designed to provide safety and peace of mind for homes in the Brisbane area. Here’s a detailed look at some of our main products:

bosch home security system

Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Kit

  • Bosch 6000 Alarm Panel: Central control panel for the system.
  • Illuminated LCD Keypad: For easy operation and monitoring.
  • Bosch PIR Motion Detectors: Detects movement within the property.
  • Premium Metal RF Keyfobs (Optional): Remote control for the system.
  • RF Receiver (Optional): Receives signals from wireless components.
  • Internal Siren: Alerts in case of a security breach.
  • External Siren With Strobe: Provides visual and audible alarm outside the property.
  • 12 Volt Battery Backup: Ensures system operation during power outages.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty: Guarantees the system’s reliability.

micron home security system

Micron 4 Channel CCTV System

  • Micron 4 Channel Recorder: Records and stores video footage.
  • 2 TB Hard Drive: For extensive video storage.
  • Micron 5mp, 2.8mm Fixed Cameras: High-resolution cameras for surveillance.
  • 22 Inch LCD Monitor (Optional): For viewing recorded or live footage.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Optional): Continuous operation during power outages.
  • All Cabling & Installation: Complete setup included.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty: Assurance of product quality and service.

uniview home security system

Uniview CCTV Camera System

  • Uniview Network Video Recorder: Manages and stores video footage.
  • Up to 8 TB Hard Drive: Large storage capacity for recorded videos.
  • Fixed Turret or Active Deterrent Cameras: Options for different types of surveillance cameras.
  • 22 Inch LCD Monitor (Optional): For easy monitoring of camera feeds.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Optional): Prevents interruptions in surveillance.
  • All Cabling & Installation: Full installation service.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty: Long-term reliability and support.

bosch home security system

Ajax Alarm Systems

  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be tailored to different property layouts.
  • Ajax Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus: Central control units for Ajax systems.
  • Illuminated LED Keypad: For system control and status checks.
  • Pet Friendly Motion Protect & Motion Cam Detectors: Avoids false alarms caused by pets.
  • Outdoor Motion Protect & Motion Cam Detectors: For external property surveillance.
  • Home Siren & Street Siren with Strobe: Both indoor and outdoor alarm options.
  • Door Protect & Glass Protect Detectors: Secures doors and windows.
  • Leaks Protect Flood Detectors: Prevents water damage.
  • Variety of Home Automation Options: Integrates with smart home systems.

hikvision security system

Hikvision CCTV Camera Systems

  • Full HD & 4K Systems Available: High-definition video quality options.
  • Smartphone Access, iPhone, Android: Remote viewing and control via mobile devices.
  • 22 Inch LCD Monitor (Optional): Real-time monitoring display.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Optional): Ensures constant operation.
  • All Cabling & Installation: Comprehensive setup service.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty: Guarantees quality and support.

dahua home security system

Dahua CCTV Camera Systems

  • Full HD & 4K Systems Available: Options for video resolution.
  • Smartphone Access, iPhone, Android: Remote access through smartphones.
  • 22 Inch LCD Monitor (Optional): For live footage viewing.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (Optional): Continual system operation.
  • All Cabling & Installation: Complete installation services.
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty: Assurance of system quality and reliability.

These products are part of a comprehensive suite of security solutions offered by Guarded Security, which also includes expert installation and support services.

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