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Community Camera Alliance

Community Camera Alliance is an opportunity to register your closed circuit television (CCTV) system with the Queensland Police Service.

This initiative aims to promote the relationship between the community and the QPS by encouraging registration of CCTV systems to prevent crime and make the community safer.

CCTV has become a crucial investigative tool in modern policing. CCTV footage holdings are regularly used to investigate and solve often serious crimes and are invaluable when used as evidence. It provides an unquestionable account of the identity and actions of offenders. CCTV images can potentially reduce investigation times, resulting in swifter outcomes.

Historically, investigators have benefited from CCTV systems in business or commercial premises. Recent advancements in technology, affordability and accessibility have resulted in more people choosing to utilise CCTV at their homes for safety and security.

Knowing the location of established CCTV systems within the community will maximise the efficiency of investigative resources and minimise the loss of potential evidence. Locating cameras can be time-consuming and resource-intensive but it is crucial, particularly in serious investigations.

Can I register?

Registration is open to any individual, owner or operator of a CCTV system within police districts supporting the program (currently Brisbane City/Fortitude Valley, Brisbane North, Brisbane West, Bundaberg, Cairns/Far Northern, Capricornia, Centenary, Gympie, Ipswich, Kingaroy, Logan, Mackay, Maryborough, Moreton, Mount Isa, Pine Rivers, Sunshine Coast, South Brisbane, Townsville, Varsity Lakes and Yatala).

How will my CCTV system be registered?

All you need to do is to complete the registration form and your voluntary registration will be stored in an existing secure database named QPRIME which is utilised and solely accessed by members of the QPS.

How will my CCTV registration be used?

Members of the QPS will be able to access the details of your registration for purposes of investigating crime. CCTV footage may be used for court purposes.

Security of the information you provide will be maintained by the QPS.

If you change your mind, you can notify us at any time to have your registration removed from the database.

Your registration advises police where a CCTV system is located. If police believe that your system can assist to solve a crime or help in any other way, you will be contacted and asked to help.

What information do I need to provide to register?

If you have a CCTV system at your home that you would like to register, we require your full name (as it appears on your driver’s licence), your current residential address, your contact details and some details regarding your CCTV system.

If you have a CCTV system at your business premises that you would like to register, we require the full trading name of the business, the physical address of the business, the contact details for the owner and operator of the CCTV system and some details regarding the CCTV system.

If you are wanting to install CCTV cameras and would like a little more information about community camera alliance scheme first, get in contact with us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Will I have to give evidence in court?

In most circumstances, the QPS will use an evidentiary certificate to produce the evidence in court proceedings and you will not be required to provide evidence in person.

However, if the certificate is challenged in court by the defence, a witness may be required to give oral evidence to authenticate the CCTV footage.

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